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There are currently hundreds of different ways to recruit, but at Jobtip there is only one smart way - via social media with targeted content that attracts candidates.

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Jobtip’s products for recruitment through social media

Jobtip Social Recruiting Jobtip Social Recruiting

Social Hiring, Social Media Recruitment, Social Recruiting. We have many names for the things we love, that is also the case for recruitment via social media. The easiest way to describe it is that Social Recruiting is a target group customized recruitment ad that is targeted at carefully selected candidates on social media. You will…

Employer Branding and Career Pages Employer Branding and Career Pages

Jobtip has for a long time helped its customers with Employer Branding. Here experts, in the form of experienced communicators, copywriters and marketing people, build a Career Page with an accompanying campaign that is targeting social media. If a company finds it difficult to attract a certain type of professional group, the career page will…

Facebook Talent App Facebook Talent App

Traditional recruitment relies primarily on that job seekers find jobs via recruitment sites. This is something that Jobtip is trying to change! Facebook has previously only been used as a social platform, which is now about to change through job applications. Companies and businesses are more and more profiling themselves via Facebook, which provides a…

How recruitment via social media works

Jobtip offers recruitment services and Employer Branding on social media to large and small employers. Operations began in 2015 and they have 50 employees. Jobtip is a growth company, with a turnover of SEK 50 million in 2018 and has offices in Stockholm, Gdansk in Poland, San Diego (USA) and a head office in Gothenburg.

We make it easy for companies to recruit the right employees by presenting attractive job ads to the right people on social media. By taking advantage of personal networks and recommendations the ads
are spread even further. The top social media in Sweden are Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, but Jobtip also uses other platforms such as Snapchat,Twitter, Youtube and Google.

3 steps for a successful recruitment

Take control of your target group - Seek out

By using our own developed tool we seek out and identify the target group that would be a good fit for your advertised position. If you are looking for a project manager in Stockholm, we seek out all project managers in Stockholm on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Smart marketing on social media - Target

Once we have identified the right target group, we target the ad exclusively at the relevant candidates. Our tool Jobtip Connect can easily measure the channels where your candidates are and then we can add extra exposure there.

Reach more and relevant candidates - Find

You receive applications from people with the right qualifications. For us, quality is more important than quantity.

Data recycling - The data we receive from the advertisements is re-used for future recruitments. Thanks to this we are able to reach more and more relevant candidates. In the present situation we have data from more than 50,000 recruitment campaigns.

Satisfied customers who have chosen Jobtip

We had an amazing experience with Jobtip. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade their job advertising.

Julia Blomström Kappahl

I found my current position via an ad from Jobtip. When it comes to recruitment of people who are passive job seekers and difficult positions, I believe that this is surely the right way to go.

Helen Hildeberg LRF Konsult

We have used Jobtip as an extended arm for positions for which is difficult to get applications. Thanks to that we have reached more candidates with the right qualifications which have been great

Julia Karlberg Postnord
and another 2000 customers in the world.

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