About Jobtip

Jobtip offers recruitment services and Employer Branding on social media to large and small employers. Jobtip is a growth company and has offices in Stockholm, Gdansk (Poland), San Diego (USA) and a head office in Gothenburg.

Jobtip makes it easy for companies to recruit the right employees by presenting attractive job ads to the right people on social media. By taking advantage of personal networks and recommendations the ads are spread even further on social media. In addition to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn other platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Google are also used.

With good knowledge of reference-based social media recruitment Jobtip knows how to create the perfect match between employers and potential candidates.

Jobtip’s history

Since the beginning Jobtip has provided almost 50,000 recruitment ads for companies in Europe and the US. But our story does not end there – in 1996 The founders of Jobtip took the first step into the recruitment business and started Jobline, the first digital job site in Europe. Today this site goes under the name Monster and is one of the most popular career sites for job-seekers. In other words, at Jobtip we have over 20 years of experience within online recruiting.

In 2014 a new market niche was launched, the use of social media for reaching the right candidates and also attracting those currently not actively seeking jobs. The founders of Jobtip followed the trend and founded the company. It was an immediate success and there was an acceleration in growth.

Today we offer one of the most advanced technical solutions in the market which helps companies with recruitment services on social media. Jobtip is a leader in the Nordic countries in Social Recruiting with Job Branding ads and Employer Branding for both large and small employers.
Jobtip has passionate employees with various backgrounds, experience and knowledge, all with the passion to help customers find dream candidates. Here incentive, ambition and personality are always rewarded.

Jobtip’s Core Values

We believe in:

  • Human driving forces are key for a digital and smooth recruitment process.
  • Everyone has a right place in the world of work today, and another tomorrow.
  • Knowledge and measurability are necessary for efficiency and innovation.

Jobtip operates according to three customer commitments:

  • Reliable, we provide measurable results for our customers.
  • Dedicated, we are driven and professional.
  • Innovative, we have the knowledge and curiosity to constantly evolve.