Employer Branding and Career Pages

Jobtip has for a long time helped its customers with Employer Branding. Here experts, in the form of experienced communicators, copywriters and marketing people, build a Career Page with an accompanying campaign that is targeting social media. If a company finds it difficult to attract a certain type of professional group, the career page will work as an extended arm for the company’s own website. Jobtip is specialists in finding the core of every business culture. By analyzing what a specific professional group finds attractive, Jobtip can highlight the right content and customize the Career Page according to this.

The importance of a strong Employer Brand

Organizations spend a lot of money on marketing themselves and finding new customers. They often forget, however, to focus on their most important and most cost-effective resource - their employees. To invest in Employer Branding ensures that both the right employees and the right customers are attracted.

For businesses that invest heavily in their Employer Brand, it is important to brag about fun events that take place. It could be anything from winning a prize to taking a fun trip together. Simply said, as an employer you should not be afraid to show the inside since it is the inside that shows the business culture.

How does Employer Branding work in practice?

The key to a good Employer Brand is to understand your own brand and highlight your employees by generating commitment to the organization, internally as well as externally. It is important that the employees feel proud to be part of the company, which in turn ensures that they want to be ambassadors who can spread the word on a good reputation. It is a fact that potential candidates are more prone to listen to equivalent employees than to managers when it comes to why they should apply to an organization.