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Information about how Jobtip AB processes personal data when you use Jobtip’s services. Jobtip develops software that lets candidates apply for vacant positions with employers. For you as a candidate this means that Jobtip is not ultimately responsible for your personal data. For this reason Jobtip acts as a data processor for the customer that wishes to make use of Jobtip’s services. The final customer is the one that ultimately is the data controller.

To find out how your data will be handled we refer to the company you choose to apply to. Jobtip will, however, handle your data during the time the recruitment process is in progress.

Data Processor

A data processor is the part that assists another business with the processing of your personal data. Jobtip is a data processor for the employer you choose to apply to. Due to the fact that Jobtip develops software for recruitment, Jobtip must process your personal data and then deliver it to the customer.

Data Controller

A data controller is the company which ultimately will process your personal data. There is an agreement between this company and Jobtip, to assure both parties that your personal data is handled correctly in compliance with the existing laws and regulations for the handling of personal data and sensitive information.

It is important to consider that the data controller may have a different policy for how your personal data should be handled. For this reason, Jobtip only follows what is verified by this document.

What information is stored by Jobtip

In order to be able to apply to the company you want, Jobtip may need to store information about your work experience, education, CV and personal letter. These documents may contain information such as:

For how long will your data be stored

Jobtip has estimated how long a recruitment may take. The time is six months. Jobtip therefore chooses to store your personal data by default for six months, after this time your data is removed automatically. In certain cases, Jobtip also sends an e-mail with your contact details to the recruiting manager to show the person that you have applied. All e-mails with your contact details are removed automatically after 90 days.

As a candidate you also have the right to change and remove your data on request. The customer also has the right to remove your details.

What rights do you have to your personal data?

You have the right to your information. After you have filled in your details you will receive an e-mail that describes how you should proceed if you would like to change your data or break the consent for how Jobtip processes your personal data.


It is good to know that Jobtip is not responsible for how the final customer handles your personal data. If you should want to contact the customer directly, Jobtip has no right to provide you with contact details. If you wish to contact the company responsible for your contact details, we recommend that you look up the company. You can also check the ad text if there are contact details for the responsible recruiter.

What will happen to your data after you have provided it?

Once Jobtip has received your application, your data will be stored in our system. In certain cases, an e-mail with your contact details will be sent to the customer as a reminder that you have applied. After the expiration of the application period a summarising e-mail will also be sent with your name and contact details.

Jobtip’s system has a searchable register where Jobtip can easily look up contact details. Only the person is responsible for the relationship with the customer you have chosen to apply to as well as employees of Jobtip with a special technical authorization can see your data. All data stored is encrypted for increased security. All data is protected behind a user name and password. All data is stored within the EU.